400g Depilatoy Wax Beads in Tube

Product name:   Wax beads

Model Number:   HWB-400

Supply Type:   OEM/ODM

Feature:   Hair Removal, stripless,painless

Target Area:   Bikini/Intimate, Face, Legs & Body

Certification:   CE, GMP, MSDS

Place of Origin:   Guangdong, China

SupplyType:   ODM/OEM

Flavor:   Lavender/ Chamomile/ Rose/etc

Weight:   100g,300g,500g,1000g

Usage:   Hair Removal Wax

Packing:   100pcs/carton

Waxing Area:   Face, Arm, Leg, Bikini area

Product Composition


100g Depilatory Wax Beads

Product Name:
More than 15 flavors bead wax top sale depilatory wax luxury fomular hard bean wax in high quality
Main ingredients:
hydrogenated rosin, Microcrystalline wax, Medicinal Vaseline
Use on face,underarms,bikini lines,legs hair removal
Lemon, Kiwi,Strawberry, Chocalate, Aloevera,Orange,Green apple, Tea tree, Lavender, Crème, Rose, Green tea, Honey, Azulene, Banana
pc/opp bag ,100pcs/carton

How to use

100g Depilatory Wax Beads

Direction for use:

Pre Wax1.Cleanse the area to be epilated with Pre-wax Clean Lotion. 2.Keep skin dry and analyse the direction of hair growth.

3.Check the working temperature of wax on the inner wrist before applying.

During Wax1.Hold the skin taut and apply a thin layer of wax to the direction of hair growth.

2.The wax will cold down completely after 15-30 seconds.Then use spatula to provoke the end of wax.

3.Hold the skin taut and remove the wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growh with 45°.

After Wax1.Apply After-wax Liquid to cleanse the possible residues.

2.Apply Balancing Cream to eliminate any possible redness or irritation. 3.Apply Hair Growth Inhibitor to make skin tightening and free from hair.



The main benefit to using depilatory wax is that it lasts much longer than shaving or using a hair removal lotion such as Nair or Neet.Depilatory was can keep your body smooth, silky and utterly hair free for up to sixweeks.


There are several situations in which depilatory wax might not be the best hair removal method for you. It is not advised for use by diabetics, those with bad circulation problems or varicose veins. Also, if you have skin conditions, such as acne or rashes, it’s probably a good idea to avoid depilatory wax

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