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Our Roots

Meet waxkiss, who, just like you, was born as hairless as can be.

Now, we’re older. Wiser, too. Our team’s been there, and our team’s done that for over 1,200 brands across the world. So, since 2011, we may have grown and grown and grown – plus, we may have experienced the ups, downs, and bumps of a startup – but our skin has still stayed as soft as silk.

Want to know our skincare secret? You’re in luck! – we always Wax, Kiss, & Tell.

To help hair-free devotees kiss goodbye to body hair, our products have been infused with the power of wax, every step of the way. From research to development to production to your body – we make sure everything is smooth-as-can-be.

That therapeutic feeling of skin as soft as fluffy slippers is one we’re going to keep on giving. Stay tuned as time ticks on, as we’ll be crafting even more simple solutions tailored to each and every body part.

Us? We Wax, Kiss, & Tell

Waxkiss is literally built on the spirit of love.

Before our silky selves came about, our founder Ziyi Liu was already knee-deep in helping to banish hair with special waxing paper strips.

Then, a call came through. An old partner and an old friend from Spain was asking for help. “Oh, you only make waxing paper? But… what about the wax?”

A spark was lit. Our founder Ziyi Liu wanted to go beyond traditional hair-removal wax. Just imagine: a natural, warm, calm, and comfortable alternative to hot wax – with identical results. As friendly for first-time users as for those hair-free devotees. That’s the dream.

So, six months, countless expert consultations, and a thousand-and-one experiments later, the dream emerged from the clouds and became a reality. Our team had developed a hair-removal solution as gentle as a kiss but as long-lasting as the love we pour into each product.

The spirit of waxkiss was born. Now, we’ve spread our wings and are on a continuous journey to help the world embrace a new way to wax.

Our Commitment to Comfort

From the bottom of our hearts to the tip of our souls, we want to bring smooth, silky comfort to everyone who wants it.

Being comfortable in your own skin is one of the hardest things to achieve in this world. All of us at Waxkiss have felt the same at one time or another.

Hair removal isn’t for everyone. We know that. It’s about what feels right for you and you alone.

But, for those who feel more themselves without the added furry layer, we want to help. If we can make the process safer, more effective, and more comfortable – then we’ve made a difference.

waxbear: an extra dose of love in all the right places

It’s true – we care for you. All the way from your head, right down to your toes.Our R&D team found after numerous experiments that the sensitivity of hair and skin in different parts of the human body is different.Such as private parts and the underarms of the skin is more tender and sensitive,even the for legs epilation,part of the users are also sensitive too...

A single product cannot give users a good experience in practical applications.

That’s why, in 2021, we launched waxbear, our latest innovation in wax-based hair removal.

We’re all humans, after all. Which means we’re all unique. Not only do different people have different skin types, but there are different skin types all across a single body. Just try waxing your legs and then your underarms – we’re sure you’ll know what we mean!

About Us

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