Professional Strip Wax in Tin 400g

Ingredients: Hydrogenated rosin, Microcrystalline wax Medicinal Vaseline

Usage: Depilation hair removal 

MOQ: 1000PCS


Model Number: T4E

Brand: Waxkiss  OEM/ODM all workable

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Product Composition

Product Name
40gr Tin Wax
Use on face,underarms,bikini line,Legs hair removal Main
Lemon, Kiwi,Strawberry, Chocalate, Aloevera,Orange, Green apple, Tea tree, Lavender, Crème, Rose, Green tea, Honey, Azulene, Bananaand etc
24pcs/carton; 42.5*24.5*17cm CM; N.W: 10.8KG; G.W:12KG

Professional Strip Wax in Tin 400g

Professional Strip Wax in Tin 400g

Professional Strip Wax in Tin 400g

How to use

Direction for use:

1)Heat wax until in suitable temperature and completely melted.
2)Clean the skin with the lotion , Pat skin dry and analyse the direction of hair growth
3)Spread the wax thin and even layer in the direction of the hair growth .
4)Allow the wax cool for few seconds , keep the skin taut with one hand and pull the wax quickly against the direction of hair growth .

5)Apply some balancing cream to eliminate any possible redness or irritation after hair removal

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